How to be a copy cat trader!

Do you know that 95% Of Traders Fail? Here’s The Root Of The Problem, Follow a Trading System

You have decided to start trading, what is the next step you will take?

1. Visit a well known trading forum, website or subscribe to investment tips newsletter. Copy great trading strategies of theirs!

2. Copy cat their muddy and overcrowded with indicator charts. These set of technical indicators to be followed to buy and sell.

3. One of the trader posts his or her successful trades.

4. You, as an novice trader, would like to follow the example and take a trades and get results which do not make to happy.

5. Because you did not make a winning trade and decide to try to improve your system by adding some more indicators.

6. One or two tiny profitable trades but way more losing trades – now you are sad and mad!

7. Then you bring in an expert advisor .

8. You give in and feel defeated. You decide that system was no good.

9. Few months later, you stumble upon a new trading system, you think it looks good and want to try.

10. you repeat step 1 to 8, but same results. Vicious cycle starts all over again!

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